LucaNet Apps

Are you confronted with specific challenges related to your (corporate) accounting and controlling tasks in your day-to-day work and are you looking for suitable solutions? Not a problem! With the LucaNet apps, we provide you with helpful solutions for a wide variety of application areas that support your day-to-day work through the automation of relevant processes. As enhanced functions, the apps make up a useful addition to the LucaNet modules.

Our paid apps

In addition to our free add-ons, we also offer a range of fee-based apps for specialist professional applications - from business valuation and lease accounting to cost center allocation and maturity analysis.


See for yourself what functions and advantages these apps offer:

Accounting for Leases

  • Mapping of all leasing relationships in LucaNet
  • Automatically generated postings of the resulting cash flows in the respective periods of the actual or planning data level
  • Numerous options for customization


Exporting LucaNet Values for BI Tools

  • All data from LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server can be exported to a relational database

  • Optimized data model for easy and uncomplicated integration to your BI tool

  • No more need for a full-upload procedure to provide large amounts of data more efficiently

Business Valuation

  • Mapping of common processes in business valuation
  • Process-dependent calculation of weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
  • Automated sensitivity analysis when various valuation parameters change

Our free apps

Harness the power of our free apps and save yourself many manual steps for your work. Regardless of whether you want to effectively map your cost center allocation in LucaNet or switch to the cost of sales method in your profit and loss statement - our free apps provide you with all-round support and are freely available.

If you have specific questions about using the app or require an individual app, please contact our Customer Service.

Cost Center Allocation

  • Key generation using values and indicators already available in LucaNet across various data levels
  • Generation of cost center allocation across different levels and multiple accounts
  • Comparison of key indicators before and after allocation

Reconciliation from Nature of Expense Method to Cost of Sales Method

  • Account splitting on the basis of specified functional areas
  • Reclassification of accounts from the structure for the nature of expense method to a parallel cost of sales method structure
  • Generation of reclassifications based on cost centers or cost areas or percentages

More free apps at a glance:

  • Generating a Debit/Credit Shift in the P&L
  • Presentation of Non-Controlling Interests in the Group
  • Indicator Calculation
  • Reclassification of Net Retained Profits
  • Transfer of Differences Between Actual and Planning Data Level to a Forecast Data Level
  • Creating a Forecast
  • Seasonal Planning
  • Toolkit for Assignment Tables
  • Reference and Exchange Rate Table Review
  • Toolkit for LucaNet.Group Report
  • Formula Generator for If-condition
  • Generating Derived Organizational Structures Based on Attributes
  • Cancellation of Postings

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