LucaNet 11 LTS


Online Installation

From the very outset, LucaNet.Software Manager must be installed onto every computer that LucaNet software is to operate on. LucaNet.Software Manager administrates all LucaNet programs that run on a computer and all Java versions required by these LucaNet programs. 

Note: The LucaNet software does not run on virtual machines under macOS!

The installation file for LucaNet.Software Manager can be found here:

Offline Installation

If you have no Internet connection, LucaNet.Software Manager and LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server can be installed together with the respective installation file.

To download the installation file:


LucaNet offers two variants of LucaNet.Excel-Add-In:

  • An integrated LucaNet.Excel-Add-In that is automatically installed with the LucaNet software
  • A separate LucaNet.Excel-Add-In for MS Windows that can be installed under MS Windows (see below)

You can read about how the two variants differ from each other in Integrated vs. separate LucaNet.Excel-Add-In.

To download the installation file:

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