LucaNet.Web Client
Quick Start Guide

LucaNet.Web Client: Quick Start Guide

LucaNet.Web Client is a web-based component that enables you to display financial data from LucaNet and analyze it in a web browser on a user computer or tablet.

Further information concerning the functions of LucaNet.Web Client can be found at LucaNet.Web Client: The front end of the future.

Do you want to use LucaNet.Web Client? This Quick Start Guide provides a quick overview of all the steps you need to follow to do this.

With LucaNet 22 LTS, you can still use the older version of LucaNet.Web Client. To use LucaNet.Web Client with LucaNet 22 LTS, follow the same steps as for LucaNet 23 LTS.

However, the latest functionalities for LucaNet.Web Client are only available as of LucaNet 23 LTS. We therefore recommend that you install or upgrade to LucaNet 23 LTS. More information about the new functionalities can be found at What's New in LucaNet 23 LTS?

Please also note that with the introduction of our new licensing and pricing model at the end of January 2023, LucaNet.Web Client will only be available to customers of our rental or SaaS solution.

To work with the new functionalities of LucaNet.Web Client, proceed as follows, depending on how you use the LucaNet software: 

  • As a LucaNet.Cloud user (SaaS), you simply need to request LucaNet to update to LucaNet 23 LTS. LucaNet will update your databases and send you the URL to start LucaNet.Web Client. If necessary, contact your LucaNet consultant. Once you have updated to LucaNet 23 LTS, you can skip steps 1 - 4 and perform the optional settings, if necessary.
  • As an existing On-Premises user, you must first update to LucaNet 23 LTS and then install LucaNet.Web Server. To do this, carry out steps 1 - 4 one after the other and then the optional settings, if necessary. 
  • As a new On Premises user, you must first install LucaNet 23 LTS and then install LucaNet.Web Server. To do this, perform steps 1 - 4 in sequence, followed by the optional settings if necessary.



Step 1: Install and activate LucaNet 23 LTS

Install LucaNet 23 LTS or update your LucaNet 23 LTS installation, if necessary. You can find all the necessary information for this via the following links: 

Step 2: Install LucaNet.Web Server

LucaNet.Web Server is the server component that hosts LucaNet.Web Client and provides the data from LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server for display in the web browser. 

Tips and technical information:

  • LucaNet.Web Server needs to be installed on the server/computer on which LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server is running.
  • LucaNet.Web Server and LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server must not be running on the same port, otherwise one of the two servers will not be able to start.
  • LucaNet.Web Server can only be installed as a service. Under macOS, LucaNet.Web Client can therefore only be used if LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server is running under Linux or MS Windows, because installation as a service is not possible under macOS.
  • If you want to install LucaNet.Web Server under Linux via console, you can find the instructions here.

Step 3: Activate LucaNet.Web Server

LucaNet.Web Server is then activated in LucaNet.Server Administrator:

Tips and technical information

The port used for LucaNet.Web Server is displayed in LucaNet.Software Manager.

Step 4: Start LucaNet.Web Client

To start LucaNet.Web Client, you have to enter the URL of LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server in the address toolbar of your browser:

  • If you are a LucaNet.Cloud customer, you can get the URL from LucaNet.Support or from your LucaNet consultant.
    Alternatively, you can generate the URL as described below.
  • If you are using LucaNet On-Premises, do the following:

Tips and technical information

  • You can also find the URL in LucaNet.Software Manager:
    • Under My applications, select LucaNet.Financial Client with the desired database.
    • The URL for LucaNet.Web Client can be found in the Downloaded from field.
  • If you neither have access to LucaNet.Software Manager nor LucaNet.Financial Client, please contact your system administrator, LucaNet.Support, or your LucaNet consultant.
  • Save a URL for LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server on your DNS server so that users of LucaNet.Web Client can enter the saved URL in the web browser instead of the IP address.

Optional settings

You can use the following settings to adjust LucaNet.Web Client to your needs:

Activate HTTPS

If necessary, HTTPS can be activated in LucaNet.Server Administrator:

Edit user permissions

By default, all users have access to LucaNet.Web Client. To edit the user permissions:

You can find more information in the LucaNet online help at: Complete description | Administration | Administration at the database level | User administration

Create and configure views

The configuration of a view defines which dimensions can be configured in the dimension bar. You can configure different views with any number of columns. In addition to the default view for the presentation of time series, reporting entities, consolidation areas and adjustment levels, any number of comparison views can also be configured. To create and configure views for LucaNet.Web Client:

You can find more information in the LucaNet online help at: Complete description | User Interface | Structure of the user interface | Application window | Dimension bar | Creating a view/Configure view

As of LucaNet 23 LTS, you also have the option to configure additional views directly in LucaNet.Web Client

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