What's New in LucaNet 12 LTS

All new features at a glance

Highlights: Before the Upgrade and Important Upgrade Information

This video gives you a quick overview of the document What's New in LucaNet 12 LTS? and briefly explains the available upgrade options for previous versions of LucaNet.

Highlights: General Handling

This video shows you some of the key features in LucaNet 12 LTS on the following topics:

  • Combining languages in the user interface
  • Planning of time-consuming operations
  • Functions for user administration in LucaNet.Server Administrator and separate display of LucaNet.Certified Professional users in the user overviews
  • Customized time series, which can now be created in addition to the predefined time series

Highlights: Excel Integration

In this video, we present to you the new functions of LucaNet-Excel-Integration, among others:

  • Automatic check for updates, merging of languages, and utilization of proxy servers
  • Installation for all users in Terminal Server and Citrix environments
  • Kerberos authentication and the utilization of SSL certificates for HTTPS communications
  • Support of macros in XLSM files for LucaNet.Excel-Reporting with tilde formulas

Highlights: Technical Improvements

This video gives you some background information on the LucaNet diagnostic system and shows you how to enable or disable data processing. Furthermore, you will get a brief insight into the configuration of the RAM for online applications in the LucaNet.Software Manager.

Highlights: LucaNet.Financial Consolidation 2

In this video, we present to you the new features of the LucaNet.Financial Consolidation module. It shows both the new approach to copying apps based on outdated blueprints and the adjustments in the apps for LucaNet.Financial Consolidation 2.

Furthermore, we would like to show you the new reports, which can be generated both as HTML reports in LucaNet and as Excel files.

Highlights: LucaNet.Group Report

This video gives you an overview of the new features in the LucaNet.Group Report module. In addition to a number of improvements in basic operation, there are additional innovations in rules, milestones, and IC reconciliation.

The import into LucaNet.Group Report has also been updated in various ways.

Further Improvements

This video shows further improvements in LucaNet 12 LTS. File formats which should be uploaded to a database can now be defined in LucaNet.Financial Client. Also, there is a new element of type Connection for directory structures. Furthermore, the video gives you an insight into the extended status of workspaces with incorrect assignments.

Imports into the LucaNet.Financial Warehouse are now also available in connection with the multi-thread support for post-processing in the element Data source for the LucaNet.Financial Warehouse.

Further information can be found in our What's New in LucaNet 12 LTS?

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