Release Policy for the LucaNet Group
Current Version: LucaNet 23.6

Monthly LucaNet Release Train

Since June 2018, LucaNet AG has been following a strictly time-driven release train model. We distinguish between a monthly feature release and a long-term support release (LTS) maintained over two years.

  • The LucaNet Release Train consists of software releases (so-called feature releases) that appear each month. The end-of-life of these monthly feature releases is reached after a month. The release train ends each year with the LTS release in November and starts once again in December with the first release of the next release train.
  • Implications for users: Our customers should stay on the release train until the November release (i.e. until the next LTS release) and install the newest updates every month. If not, you will be working with a release that will have already reached EOL status and will no longer be maintained. 

End-of-Life (EOL) of LucaNet 12 LTS

LucaNet 12 LTS reached EOL status in November 2021 and will therefore no longer be maintained. If you are still working with the version LucaNet 9.2, LucaNet 10, LucaNet 11.4, LucaNet 11 LTS, or LucaNet 12 LTS we recommend migrating to a higher LucaNet version as soon as possible.

General Availability (GA) of LucaNet 22 LTS

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers LucaNet 22 LTS as a release since November 1, 2021. As a long-term support release (LTS), LucaNet 22 LTS will be maintained for two years and will not reach end-of-life (EOL) status until November 7, 2023. LucaNet 22 LTS contains numerous exciting features, which you can read in the customer portal in summary.

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