LucaNet.Web Client

LucaNet.Web Client: The front end of the future

Easier and faster access to your reports

Visualize data on the go, present analyses and reports simply at the push of a button, put business decisions on a valid basis. With LucaNet.Web Client, we remain true to our principle of rethinking finance and making the user's daily work easier.

The advantages of LucaNet.Web Client


Full flexibility LucaNet.Web Client works without any separate installation and is available anywhere and anytime.  
Easy Visualization View key metrics and comparative views in a dashboard.
Quick and secure reporting Access your reporting data in no time – with maximum data security.
First-class user experience Benefit from a modern user interface and new graphical visualization options.

This is how simple LucaNet.Web Client works:

With LucaNet.Web Client, you can access your data at any time – all you need is an internet connection, a web browser, and the software release LucaNet 23 LTS or higher.

LucaNet.Web Client and LucaNet.Financial Client work based on the same data basis. If data is changed in LucaNet.Financial Client, these changes are also displayed in LucaNet.Web Client and vice versa.

Technical Prerequisits

  • LucaNet 23 LTS or higher
  • LucaNet.Software Manager 8
  • LucaNet.Web Server
  • macOS
  • Android
  • latest browser version:
    • MS Edge
    • Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Safari

LucaNet.Web Client offers in the latest version (from LucaNet 24):

  • Displaying data from a LucaNet database in web browsers
  • Using multiple dashboards for a quick overview of the most important key figures and a comparison view of values from different data levels or time periods
  • Read and write access:
    • Read access to all general ledgers, subledgers, schedules, and statistical ledgers from the Reporting and analyzing folder.
    • Read access to all elements of type posting, posting via MS Excel, data imports and translation with historical exchange rates from the Postings workspace
    • Editing functions, e.g. creating, editing, and deleting accounts, items, formulas, references, total lines and folders in ledgers
  • Reporting options:
    • Easily visualize all numbers in the form of different types of charts with a click of the mouse
    • All diagrams can be saved as image
  • Multiple display options:
    • Filtering of the displayed data according to your needs
    • Displayed views can be exported or printed for further processing in the usual MS Excel reports or PDF format
    • Individual configuration of views and general display properties for optimal presentation of your data
    • Individual number format of items, accounts, formulas and references
    • Filtering the view by dimensions such as period, data level, adjustment level, organization element, or currency
    • Easily switch between displaying balances and displaying transaction figures in all ledgers and schedules
    • Drill down by dimensions, for example, by adjustment levels or by partners, for all accounts and items
    • Display of the abbreviated or the complete consolidation overview
    • Display of the documents belonging to a posting via the account sheet
  • Assignment of permissions:
    • Easily grant or remove permissions of specific users and/or user groups to allow or exclude access to data
    • All existing permissions in LucaNet.Financial Client also apply to LucaNet.Web Client
  • Connection to the LucaNet Knowledge Base – a modern resource with the documentation for LucaNet.Web Client

Just a few clicks away from your secure reporting data

See the possibilities of LucaNet.Web Client for yourself:

Login mask
Dashboard with several KPI cards
Balance sheet according to German GAAP incl. chart on the development of cash and cash equivalents
P&L statement over several periods incl. associated bar chart (several items)
Login mask
Login mask
Dashboard with several KPI cards
Balance sheet according to German GAAP incl. chart on the development of cash and cash equivalents
P&L statement over several periods incl. associated bar chart (several items)

You would like to start working with LucaNet.Web Client right away?

Then download LucaNet 23 LTS or higher now.  

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