The LucaNet.Web Client

LucaNet.Web Client: The front end of the future

Easier and faster access to your reports

Would you like to have the easiest possible access to your company's financial data in order to get a quick overview of all important information? Not a problem – with the release of LucaNet.Web Client you have the possibility to directly access your data in LucaNet from anywhere, starting with LucaNet 22 LTS – whether from your PC, iPad, or your Android tablet.

LucaNet.Web Client represents a completely newly developed front end and is the technological foundation for entirely new functionalities in LucaNet. In addition, LucaNet.Web Client is the first step towards a consistent SaaS/Cloud product, as it does not require any further separate installation and enables mobile access.

The beginning of the journey

In the current product version, LucaNet.Web Client exclusively serves the visualization and analysis of your financial data. In the further course LucaNet.Web Client will be successively expanded with important functions and will also offer a variety of new functional possibilities. The long-term goal is to completely replace the local client, LucaNet.Financial Client. However, you can already benefit from the new user interface, enhanced graphical functionalities, and the flexibility to view your reports conveniently on your PC, iPad, or Android tablet via the web browser.

You can read more on LucaNet.Web Client in our fact sheet. 

The advantages of LucaNet.Web Client


Full flexibility LucaNet.Web Client works without any separate installation and is available anywhere and anytime.  
Easy access Have your financial data conveniently displayed on Android tablets and Apple iPads.
Quick and secure reporting Access your reporting data in no time – with maximum data security.
First-class user experience Benefit from a modern user interface and new graphical visualization options.

This is how simple LucaNet.Web Client works:

With LucaNet.Web Client, you can access your data from anywhere and at any time – all you need is an internet connection, a web browser, and the software release LucaNet 22 LTS or higher.  

The current version of LucaNet.Web Client offers (as of LucaNet 23 LTS):

  • Read access to all general ledgers, subledgers, schedules, and statistical ledgers from the Reporting and analyzing workspace
  • Easy visualization of all numbers in a table or a variety of graphs at the click of a mouse
  • Analyses of your numbers by any dimensional parameters
  • Individual configuration of views and general display properties for optimal presentation of your data
  • The possibility to change the displayed data for further processing in MS Excel reports or to export them to a PDF format or print them
  • A multilingual menu 
  • Display of the documents belonging to a posting via the account sheet  

Just a few clicks away from your secure reporting data

See the possibilities of LucaNet.Web Client for yourself:

Login mask
P&L statement over several periods incl. associated bar chart (several items)
IFRS balance sheet incl. chart of receivables development
Login mask
Login mask
P&L statement over several periods incl. associated bar chart (several items)
P&L statement over several periods incl. associated bar chart (several items)
IFRS balance sheet incl. chart of receivables development
IFRS balance sheet incl. chart of receivables development

The journey continues!

LucaNet.Web Client is continuously being developed even further so that more functionalities and areas will be available over time. In the long run, the web-based solution will also cover all equivalent functionalities of the current LucaNet.Financial Client. So you can be curious about what is still to come.

You would like to start working with LucaNet.Web Client right away?

Then download LucaNet 22 LTS or higher now.  

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