We Present LucaNet 23 LTS
LucaNet's current long-term support release

Welcome to the Landing Page for LucaNet 23 LTS!

On this page, you will find all information about LucaNet 23 LTS! We make the update easy for you and guide you through each step of the update.


Important for all LucaNet.Financial Consolidation 2 customers


Information on LucaNet 23 LTS

With LucaNet 23 LTS, the final release of LucaNet 23 is available. Our long-term support release ensures continuity and stability because the version was developed over a year and, last but not least, tested by our partners and customers in the LucaNet 23 release train. Rely on our LTS release if you want to use the proven in the long term.

If you want to switch to LucaNet 23 LTS, simply follow this page...

Upgrade to LucaNet 23 LTS at a Glance

The migration from your current LucaNet version to LucaNet 23 LTS comprises the following steps:

1. Update to LucaNet 22 LTS if necessary

2. Start your update to LucaNet 23 LTS


Step 1- Update to LucaNet 22 LTS if necessary

If you are still working with the LucaNet 13 LTS version, you must first update to LucaNet 22 LTS before you can install LucaNet 23 LTS Simply follow our instructions to upgrade to LucaNet 22 LTS.

Step 2 - Start your update to LucaNet 23 LTS

If you have updated to LucaNet 22 LTS, updating to LucaNet 23 LTS is almost a child's play. Simply follow our instructions to update to LucaNet 23 LTS.

Also update LucaNet.Excel-Add-In if necessary.

Congratulations, you made it!

Important for all LucaNet.Financial Consolidation 2 customers

The following Consolidation 2 apps reach their end-of-life status in LucaNet 23 LTS and are replaced by the Consolidation 2 Next Generation apps:

  • Elimination of intercompany income and expense
  • Elimination of intercompany profit and loss in current assets
  • Debit/credit shifts in consolidation areas
  • Elimination of income from investments

What impact will the EOL status have in the event of an update to LucaNet 23 LTS?

Existing consolidated financial statements that were transferred from previous versions of LucaNet 23 LTS and which contain Consolidation 2 apps can still be executed.

In new consolidated financial statements, the above apps can only be created and used as apps of Consolidation 2 Next Generation.

The procedure for performing a migration and the subsequent configuration of the Next Generation apps are described in our migration guide and the additional configuration instructions for all Next Generation apps.



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