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Simultaneous work in reporting units of LucaNet.Group Report

With LucaNet 22 LTS, working in reporting units is much easier, since an unlimited number of users can now simultaneously edit data in a reporting unit. Previously, the reporting unit was locked for editing once a user started edited data in it. Other users had to wait until the reporting unit was unlocked again.

With the parallel editing option, users can now simultaneously edit data manually or via data import.

LucaNet.Web Client

Previously, data could only be accessed via the desktop client (i.e. LucaNet.Financial Client). As of LucaNet 22 LTS, LucaNet.Web Client is available, a new, web-based solution that enables you to display and analyze financial data from LucaNet without having to download or install anything. LucaNet.Web Client enables you to access your data from anywhere – all you need is an Internet connection and an Internet browser.

The new web component initially provides read access to ledgers and schedules in the Reporting and analyzing workspace. You can access the elements in this workspace via a web browser while you are on the road and view the data on your PC, iPad, or Android tablet.

On our details page on the topic, we have summarized all the important information for you.

Significant performance improvement in database optimization

As of LucaNet 22 LTS, you have the option to run your database optimization as a separate job in LucaNet.Server Administrator making it significantly faster. Database optimization, which mainly involves cleaning up temporary files and usually has to be performed every 24 hours, could previously only be performed as part of the job Restart the server. However, the execution of this job sometimes interrupts productive work in a database for a longer period of time, since the database has to be exported and imported again – this is a problem, especially if the database is used around the clock. The job Perform database optimization eliminates the need for export and import, so that the interruption time – depending on the size and number of databases – can be reduced by up to 60%.

Finishing Tasks Automatically

This new feature in LucaNet.Group Report allows data file administrators to finish tasks automatically when closing the data file. This also eliminates unnecessary notification e-mails from being sent.

Consolidation 2 Next Generation

With the Consolidation 2 Next Generation a new possibility of consolidation is available. In addition to the already familiar features, the new apps for Consolidation 2 Next Generation offer a number of benefits, including:

  • The use of new technologies significantly improves the performance when executing the apps.
  • Easier operation, e.g. an automatic check is performed before an app is executed to see if there are any audit trails that prohibit the deletion and saving of postings.

In this video, we present the new Consolidation 2 Next Generation apps in detail. In doing so, we repeatedly compare the apps to the previously known consolidation apps, go into detail about the new handling, and highlight in particular the added value that Consolidation 2 Next Generation offers.

Further information can be found in our What's New in LucaNet 22 LTS?

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